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The cost savings really add up when we analyze your freight bill by looking at your past invoices. Let us save you money and better manage your freight with our Freight Audit Services.

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Need a quote? Our goal is to give you a reliable quote with the fastest return time possible. Our 30-30 service standard takes just 30 minutes to process your quote and 30 minutes for shipping.

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Not only do we offer same day service and pick ups prior to 1 pm local time on most orders, we’ll quickly organize your paperwork and any customs documents you require.

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We provide fast and accurate daily tracking by some of the industries most attentive customer service agents, and we’ll proactively communicate with carriers to make sure each load is delivered on time.

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Our Latest News for Freight Shipping

  • Employee Spotlight: Matt Baillet

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016
    C&D Logistics® is made up a skilled team that works together to help our clients save money and get their goods shipped fast. We like to spotlight these employees as they help us provide a great service to all out clients. This month we are putting Matt Baillet, our operations manager, front and center. Who is Matt? Matt has been working at C&D Logistics® for 3 years. Before joining the team he worked in a number of different roles including…
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  • What to know when cross-border shipping

    Friday, April 29, 2016
    When shipping your freight across the border there are many different rules and regulations that must be observed. These rules can become a hassle as your shipment usually has a tight deadline and each step in the process further delays it. By being prepared with all the right forms and knowledge before shipping across the border, you can reduce time and stress. It also helps to use the right freight forwarder. Here are some things you should know when cross-border…
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  • What is freight forwarding?

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016
    C&D Logistics® has years of experience as a freight forwarder. But for those who are new to the shipping logistics industry, this term may be unfamiliar and confusing. We want to help bring you up to speed so you can get your shipments where they need to be on time and without stress. What is a freight forwarder? A freight forwarder is an organization that specializes in shipping logistics, importing and exporting. A freight forwarder acts as an agent or representative…
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