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10 questions with Jaime Jarvis – the newest member of the C&D Logistics team

Jaimie Jarvis Winner- C&D Logistics

The newest member of the C&D Logistics team is Jamie Jarvis. He’s proven to be a valuable asset to the Logistics department here at C&D, and he brings a wealth of knowledge from his past where his duties included managing a fleet of over 40 trucks in the United States and Canada.

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  1. You come from a background working for an asset-based carrier. What’s been the biggest difference you’ve found to date in making the switch to brokering freight? For me, the biggest difference I’ve seen is all the different possible ways there are to move freight. When I worked with the flat deck company, we had customers coming to us with whatever they had to move, from one skid to loads of pipe, and it all went flat deck freight. Since working at C&D, I’ve utilized almost every type of transporting freight you can think of, and it has really opened my eyes.
  1. What do some of your duties include? The majority of my time is spent with the customers handling their freight needs. From quoting the business, dispatching the freight, to organizing all the paperwork – I deal with everything required to keep the freight moving.
  1. What are some of your strengths as a Logistics specialist? I have always excelled in problem solving, so I try to make every situation as stress free and seamless as possible. Working in logistics has made me really think outside the box, and I do my best to find the best possible solution for each individual customer. I’m a quick decision maker as well, and I know thinking on your feet goes a long way in this industry.
  1. What do you enjoy more – working for an asset-based carrier or working as a 3rd party logistics specialist? Why? For me it’s a no brainer – I enjoy working with a 3PL more. From an asset-based standpoint, it seems like half the job was spent taking care of the customer, while the other half was spent taking care of the drivers. With 3rd party, it’s really all about the customer. As an asset-based carrier, if you have drivers who don’t want to carry your freight you are pretty much out of luck. Here at C&D, we have over 20,000 carriers we deal with in our network, so if we have one connection that doesn’t want the job, we have thousands of others to choose from down the line. That in itself is a huge difference.

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  1. Having worked on both sides of the fence, what do you think customers have to gain by working with a 3PL broker? 3PL have so many more resources to move your freight, and an asset-based carrier has no way of competing. If you want the fastest, cheapest freight combined with the least amount of stress, 3PL will always be the answer.
  1. Have you run into any misconceptions when it comes to 3PL? The biggest misconception I’ve seen is that a broker doesn’t care as much as an asset based carrier. While that may be the case with some 3PL’s in the industry, I know from my time at C&D Logistics that they have always been about taking care of the customer. Our clients are everything to us and we work hard to build those relationships.
  1. What’s your favorite food? I’m going to have to say Apple Butter ribs from Montana’s. In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than that.
  1. What’s your Favorite Sport? Being from Canada, my obvious answer is Basketball.
  1. What is something few people know about Jaime Jarvis? Most people don’t know that until grade 9 I was in school band playing percussion. Now my musical instrument of choice is the guitar, and I really enjoy playing.</li
  1. How have you enjoyed your time at C&D Logistics? I work in an environment I am extremely comfortable in, and it’s a position I feel I can grow in. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that. I haven’t ever had a job where I can honestly say I look forward coming in, but at C&D I have that.

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