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3 Crucial Considerations for International Freight Shipping

International Freight Shipping

International freight shipping can be extremely complex, especially if you have a large shipment or are shipping to a destination with unique regulations. As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, the team at C&D Logistics knows how intimidating and overwhelming the world of international freight shipping can be. That is why our team has put together a list of 3 crucial considerations for international freight shipping to help you determine if you can handle your own shipments or if you would benefit from partnering with a reputable 3PL company.

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3 Things to Know for International Freight Shipping

While international freight shipping is an integral part of businesses in various industries, it is important to understand that international freight shipping laws and other factors can change at any given moment. Some of the elements that you should be aware of before shipping internationally include:

1. International Freight Shipping Documentation

To ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination on time and without any issues, you will need to ensure that all required freight shipping documents have been completed properly. While the required documents will vary based on your country of origin, the shipment destination, and the cargo you are shipping, the following documents are a common part of international shipments:

  • Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin

2. Country Regulations and Customs

Each country has unique licensing, restrictions, and special provisions for imported goods. This means that it is important to know the country-specific requirements for each of the countries that you plan on shipping goods to. An experienced international shipper will be able to provide you with information about what can and cannot be shipped to your country of choice. Knowing this information ahead of time will ensure that you are able to meet all of the necessary import and export customs clearance for your freight and avoid any unwanted surprises.

3. The Mode(s) of Transportation Used

The rules and regulations for your shipment may change depending on the mode of transportation being used. Make sure to talk to a reputable freight shipping provider or freight forwarder to determine which mode of international freight shipping—ocean freight, air freight, or land freight—will work best for your unique business needs, timeline, and budget.

To learn more about our international freight shipping solutions or to discuss the details of your shipment, get in touch with the team at C&D Logistics. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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