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Meet Jeff Ferguson

Meet Jeff Ferguson, National Sales Manager. We asked him some questions about his role at C&D Logistics.... READ MORE

Meet Brandon Toothill

CIFFA - C&D Logistics

Meet Brandon Toothill, Vice President of Global Development. We asked him some questions about his role at C&D Logistics, the department he oversees, and the industry in which he operates. What is your role at C&D logistics? My role as Vice President of Global Development encompasses growing and managing the International Air and Ocean division...... READ MORE

Our Customers Deserve the Best

In 1999, C&D LogisticsĀ® was launched by Bruce and Dana Matheson with the goal to provide the best customer service in the third-party logistics industry. Throughout the years, as our team grows and our client base expands, our goal does not waiver. We believe that great customer service is comprised of three elements: transparency, respect,...... READ MORE

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