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Meet Jeff Ferguson

Meet Jeff Ferguson, National Sales Manager. We asked him some questions about his role at C&D Logistics.... READ MORE

Meet Brandon Toothill

CIFFA - C&D Logistics

Meet Brandon Toothill, Vice President of Global Development. We asked him some questions about his role at C&D Logistics, the department he oversees, and the industry in which he operates. What is your role at C&D logistics? My role as Vice President of Global Development encompasses growing and managing the International Air and Ocean division...... READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Toothill, VP Global Development

Brandon Toothill, Vp Global Development - C&D Logistics

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we interviewed our Vice President of Global Development, Brandon Toothill. With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Royal Roads University, Brandon is a Certified International Freight Forwarder with over 10 years of experience in freight forwarding, logistics and procurement. Since joining the team at C&D Logistics, Brandon has allowed us...... READ MORE

Big News: C&D Logistics Hires New Vice President, Global Development

C&D Logistics VP Global Development

C&D Logistics is excited to announce that Brandon Toothill has joined our team as Vice President, Global Development. Brandon has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Royal Roads University, has completed his Advanced CIFFA Certificate (Certified International Freight Forwarder) and is currently working towards his CCLP designation (Certified Logistics Professional). With 10 years of experience...... READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Matt Baillet

C&D Logistics® is made up a skilled team that works together to help our clients save money and get their goods shipped fast. We like to spotlight these employees as they help us provide a great service to all out clients. This month we are putting Matt Baillet, our operations manager, front and center. Who...... READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Handley

Kimberly Handley - C&D Logistics

At C&D Logistics® we have years of experience in freight shipping throughout North America. Our experience comes from not just one person, but an entire team that is knowledgeable. Each individual brings a unique set of skills to C&D. Together this creates a company that is able to provide quality service, faster, and on budget. We...... READ MORE

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