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What is Project Cargo?

Project Cargo Shipment

Also known as project freight logistics, project cargo describes the domestic or international transportation of large, heavy-duty, high-value, or complex materials and pieces of equipment. The materials included in project cargo can be globally sourced from multiple locations or sourced domestically from one location. Project cargo requires an extremely high attention to detail to remain...... READ MORE

Things to Consider When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarding

If you need to ship large orders but do not have time to worry about the logistics, a freight forwarder may be the perfect solution. A freight forwarder is an organization that specializes in logistics and acts as an agent for other businesses that need to ship products or materials. By using their network and...... READ MORE

LTL Questions Small Businesses Should Ask

LTL questions small businesses should ask

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping provides small business owners with a cost-effective solution for many of their shipping concerns; however, while LTL shipping provides a lot of support, there are still questions every business owner should ask before sending out packages. At C&D Logistics, we want to ensure that small business owners have all of the information...... READ MORE

Different Types of Freight

Different types of freight

Choosing between the different types of freight services for your particular needs does not have to be a challenge. At C&D Logistics, our freight shipping experts will work with you to help you determine the best freight shipping services for your particular needs and budget. Some of the different freight options available include: 1. Less...... READ MORE

Small Business Freight Shipping Services

Small business freight shipping services from C&D Logistics

If you are a small business owner, you understand how important it is to partner with the right freight shipping service provider. A good freight shipping partner will take the time to evaluate and audit your business’s current shipping needs and opportunities before creating a cost-effective solution tailored specifically to your small business. Some freight...... READ MORE

Understanding the Differences Between Shipping and Logistics

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Understanding the differences between shipping and logistics

C&D Logistics specializes in logistics and shipping services throughout North America and around the world. With over 17 years of industry experience, we know that understanding the differences between shipping and logistics is important for good business. Nevertheless, many of us choose to use the terms interchangeably despite the significant differences between them. In order...... READ MORE

Ship & Save With These 3 Cost-Effective Freight Shipping Tips

Ship and save with C&D Logistics

Without a game-plan freight shipping can quickly evolve into a challenging, complex and expensive burden for businesses of all sizes. Freight shipping and logistics should be strategically planned, operated and audited like all other areas of business to determine whether or not there are opportunities for development and improvement. One of the key areas of...... READ MORE