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Cross-Border Freight Shipping Documentation

Cross-border shipping documentation

Knowing the different types of cross-border freight shipping documentation needed to take shipments across the line can help save you time and prevent delays at the border due to red tape. At C&D Logistics, we understand how important it is for you to be properly prepared when crossing the border. That is why we offer a wide range of freight shipping services, including cross-border freight shipping services designed to take all the hassle out of shipping your products.

5 Documents Needed for Cross-Border Freight Shipping

Before attempting to carry freight over the border, it is important to know about the basic USA-Canada cross-border shipping documents you will need. Some of the documents needed for cross-border freight shipping include:

1. Bill of Lading (BOL)

A Bill of Lading is a document that lists all of the goods that are being carried in the shipment. This document also contains important information, such as the address of where the shipment will be picked up, size and weight specifications for each product, and contact information for the sender and recipient.

2. Packing Slip

A packing slip—also known as a shipping list, waybill, packing list, bill of parcel, or unpacking note—is a document that provides the buyer with product details (order date, products included in the order, and quantity of each product) to ensure that it is exactly what was ordered. In most cases, the packing slip can be found inside an attached shipping pouch or inside the package itself and must accompany any goods crossing the border that fall under NAFTA regulations.

3. Commercial Invoice

If you are shipping from Canada to the USA, you will need a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice provides a full description of the shipped goods, including their overall value. One copy of this invoice will go with the Bill of Lading, while another copy will accompany the freight crossing the border into the USA.

4. Canada Customs Invoice

If you are shipping from the USA into Canada, you will need a Canada customs invoice. Much like a commercial invoice, a Canada customs invoice provides a full description of the shipped goods. You will also require two copies of this invoice: one to be attached to the Bill of Lading and the other to go with the freight through customs.

5. Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin is a document that shows where the goods are being shipped from. This cross-border freight shipping document is extremely important as it helps ensure the accurate collection of customs duties according to NAFTA regulations.

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