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Our Customers Deserve the Best

In 1999, C&D Logistics® was launched by Bruce and Dana Matheson with the goal to provide the best customer service in the third-party logistics industry. Throughout the years, as our team grows and our client base expands, our goal does not waiver.

We believe that great customer service is comprised of three elements: transparency, respect, and clear communication.


What makes us unique is our honest approach to our customer’s questions and concerns. We don’t say that we have the best prices, instead, we are open about our competitive price points that allow for quick turnaround times and fast solutions. If there is ever an issue, our team addresses it quickly, effectively and with top-notch customer courtesy – keeping the customer always in the loop. Sometimes there are circumstances that do not allow us to meet our 30-30 promise; however, we are always transparent about this and keep you updated along the way!

Learn all about our pricing and service and how they are backed by decades of experience.

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As a client of C&D Logistics®, your business is treated like our own and respect your time by providing prompt quotes and timely solutions to your various needs. We stand by our word and strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. This means we’ll give you a quote within 30 minutes and draw up the paperwork and process your shipment within 30 minutes. We understand that you’re busy, and guarantee that we won’t waste any of your time or money.

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Clear Communication

When our phones ring, we answer them promptly. If a client has a concern or special request, we make sure to thoroughly understand it so we can manage expectations and provide the best outcome. We believing that relationships thrive when there is a clear line of communication. Our team prides themselves on being able to see pitfalls before they happen and advise our customer base on best practices to save money and put your mind at ease!

Find out how we always take the time to think like our customers.

At C&D Logistics, we believe that our customers deserve better. We strive to provide exceptional service by being honest and respectful in our communication. From our quick turnaround times for quotes to our 30 minutes or less response time, your business will be treated like our own. That is the C&D promise.