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When Should Flat Deck Trucks be Used for Shipping?

At C&D Logistics, we know that, when it comes to freight shipping, selecting the right type of freight shipping equipment for the job can go a long way in saving you time and money. That is why our team of experts are specifically trained to help you choose the right truck for your cargo. Here are some of the ways to determine if a flat deck truck is the right choice.

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Product Size

When trying to decide if a flat deck truck is the right choice it is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the product. If the product is long or tall, a flat deck truck will provide greater flexibility. The flat deck will allow the product to hang over the edge if need be; making it ideal for transporting oversized loads. It is important to ensure that the products are properly secured to a flat deck, since there is nothing else preventing them from sliding off.

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Loading Logistics

Flat deck trucks are an ideal option for jobs that require a crane to load and unload the product; with no roof or walls to worry about it is extremely easy for the crane operator to do their job. Flat decks are also a great option for loads that require the use of a forklift. While other types of trucks, such as dry vans, are simple for forklifts to get in and out of, if the dimensions of the forklift do not work with the dimensions of the truck it can cause some serious issues on the jobsite.

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It is important to choose a truck that will protect the shipment from being ruined during transit. Take a look at what is being shipped and decide whether or not it will be safe in the open, on the highway, and in all types of weather conditions. Industrial materials on the back of a flat deck truck can usually take the wind, rain, and small objects that may bounce off of the pavement on the highway; however, if the shipment is fragile or water vulnerable, it would be best to choose another type of truck for shipping.

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