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Inside delivery – whether it’s for simple peace of mind or as a convenience service, for an additional fee you can select Inside Delivery on all of your shipments with C&D Logistics. But do you know the finer details of inside delivery? Here’s a look at what it actually means to ‘bring your shipment inside’.

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Taking your delivery inside – here’s what you need to know

When your freight arrives at a residential location, inside delivery service includes moving the pallet to the driveway, front porch or garage. A driver will not take freight inside a home under any circumstance. Why is that? Carriers have policies in place prohibiting drivers from attempting in-home pick up or deliveries. This policy is to avoid complaints the driver damaged walls or doors, ruined carpets or broke something. Furthermore, there could also be potential liability issues if an injury occurred inside the residence. Because of these potential complications, it is in the best interest of all parties involved that the freight be simply delivered to a convenient outdoor location.

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For a business, inside delivery typically means inside the door of the business. The carrier will bring the freight a few feet inside the main entrance and request a signature after the freight is inspected.  If freight needs to be delivered up an elevator or any steps, delivery charges increase.

Another thing to know about inside delivery is that a driver will not break freight down to move it through doors. If the freight is larger than the entrance, a driver will not bring it inside. Most drivers also will not perform “extraordinary” functions including delivering up long or winding driveways or attempting a delivery in an area deemed unsafe for their equipment.

Why are driverless trucks not ready to deliver?

Knowing the ins and outs of inside delivery will help you make the smart decisions when planning your next shipment.

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