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Meet Brandon Toothill

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Meet Brandon Toothill, Vice President of Global Development. We asked him some questions about his role at C&D Logistics, the department he oversees, and the industry in which he operates.

What is your role at C&D logistics?

My role as Vice President of Global Development encompasses growing and managing the International Air and Ocean division and building relationships with our world wide agency partners.

What does a day in the life of the VP of International look like?

Arriving into the office, I go straight to answering the many overseas emails that came in during the night. Since we are a global company, the work day really is a 24/7 operation. While we sleep, our global partner network is busy arranging our customers orders all over the world. From there, it’s into meetings with the operations and sales teams. My department works closely with our inside and outside sales team, attending joint sales calls and assisting the sales team in closing business. Dealing with vendors and building relationships with our ocean line carriers, airlines and overseas agents is also a big part of the day.

Can you give a brief explanation of what international freight shipping is?

International shipping is anything that moves overseas by boat or plane. As a full service freight forwarder, we are an extension of our clients business. They trust C&D Logistics to guide them in managing their supply chain while organizing complex shipments from all over the world. Our goal is to take the stress and complexity off our clients plate so they can focus on their business and what their core strength is.

What kind of international freight services does C&D provide?

We offer all modes of transport to suit our clients needs. My division focuses on Ocean Freight (FCL & LCL), Air Freight (Standard and Priority) and International Courier services (Express & Economy). And our supply chain consulting always comes free of charge. We work closely with our North American Freight Division, offering clients Van and Deck options within Canada, and all over North America.

How does C&D deal with a lost product/broken product?

We assist our client in submitting a claim through the carrier, guide them through the process, which can be long and confusing. We recommend and offer in-house private insurance options, which can save the customer a significant amount of money and also streamline the claims process so that it is more customer-friendly.

How does C&D stand out in this area against competitors?

The quality of staff and our dedication to always putting the client first. Our focus is on the customer and out servicing our competitors through prompt, professional, and friendly service. It’s a saying in our office that we always “out grind” the competition.

Can you give us a glimpse into how your services transport products from point A to point B?

It is customer-driven. If the goods need to get to point A to point B quickly, then we have a number of options for air service. If the timeline is a little more relaxed, we offer FCL and LCL ocean freight services. FCL- full container load. LCL – less than container load – consolidated freight amounts to building a full-container.

Can you tell us about the international freight team at C&D logistics?

We have an extensive team that includes dedicated customer service reps, dedicated operational team members, dedicated shipment trackers, and a dedicated agency network that is spread out across the globe. Our clients needs and satisfaction means everything to us, so we hire the best people and partner with like minded companies around the globe to ensure the service level our clients receive is always top notch.

C&D is known for their amazing customer service – in what way does C&D go the extra mile to take care of their clients?

Understanding the clients needs and fulfilling them. Putting ourselves in their shoes so that they get the treatment that they deserve, and treating clients the way we would want to be treated in the same situation. Of course our dedicated customer service and tracking team that monitors all shipments twice a day is another key component to our customer service success.

Will C&D handle all aspects of the shipment process? Is this easy for the customer?

We make it extremely easy for the customer. We handle from door-to-door, providing a full-service delivery. From quote, to dispatch, to providing the bill of lading, to tracking the order twice per day until it is delivered. We take the burden off our customers so they can focus on what’s important to them, their business.

Can a customer reduce their carbon footprint while shipping?

Yes, of course they can. In fact, C&D moves large amounts of freight on rail because it’s cost effective and the most environmentally friendly way to ship products from point a to point b.

What’s the best way to get started with placing a freight order?

Reach out to our customer service team members, and they will ask you the important questions regarding the needs for your business to find the right option for your business. After a quick credit application, our operations team would take over and handle the day-to-day operations for your shipments. You can also visit here to get a quick quote with C&D Logistics today.

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