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Shipping in the Winter

winter freight shipping

Just because the harsh winter weather arrives, does not mean that work needs to come screeching to a halt. Freight shipments still need to continue as usual. When the winter weather conditions deteriorate, there are possibilities of shipping delays and damage to cargo. By properly preparing your shipment, understanding your freight, and using the right carrier, you can avoid all the troubles that winter can bring.

Understand Your Shipment

The first thing to think about when preparing your winter freight shipment is how it is affected by the cold. Food and chemicals can be damaged if they reach certain temperatures. When moving the freight long distances it can see a wide range of temperatures. If you know that freezing temperatures could damage your goods, notify us and we can plan your shipment for a heated truck.

Heated Truck Shipping

A heated truck has a regulated temperature. The trailer is enclosed so that a windy and cold environment does not damage the freight. The trailer then has a heating unit attached to maintain an appropriate temperature. This allows us to ship through extremely cold weather without risking damage to the cargo.

Insolate Your Shipment

If you believe that cold temperatures may not be an issue but cold winds are, consider wrapping your shipment with blankets and tarps. If the trip is not a significant distance, this could help to keep the freight warm enough until it reaches its destination.

Schedule Your Shipments In Advance

Road closures are unpredictable and difficult to avoid. Detouring along the journey may delay each delivery, and if the detours are not easily accessible a shipment can be delayed by days. To account and prepare for lost time, book your shipment sooner than later. Leaving it to the last minute can mean missing the delivery deadline. Be proactive and plan to have an early delivery. By sending your freight off early you give yourself a margin of error where a delay will not impact you or your customers operations.

Efficient Shipping Costs

Also, by shipping in advanced you have sufficient time to look at possible shipping options to reduce costs. For example, if not all your shipment needs to be heated, you can try an LTL shipment in a heated truck. This cuts costs as you only are paying for the heat you need.

Experts in Shipping Logistics

At C&D Logistics® we know that time is money. We have years of experience shipping a wide range of products in different conditions. Let us know what you need shipped and we can connect you with the right equipment to get it there safely and on time. Contact us online or by phone at 1-855-334-4440 for a free shipping quote.

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