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Trucking Equipment for Specialized Freight Shipping

Trucking equipment for specialized freight shipping

Taking the time to understand the different types of trucking equipment for specialized freight shipping can help you determine which trailer will work best for transporting your particular freight. At C&D Logistics, we understand how important it is to use the right trucking equipment for your specialized freight shipping needs. That is why we offer a selection of freight shipping services, backed by our extensive fleet.

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Trucking Equipment Used for Shipping Specialized Freight

The different types of trucking equipment used for shipping specialized freight are specifically designed for shipping freight of uncommon weights, shapes, or properties. Some of the different types of trucking equipment that you can choose from include:

Heavy Haul Trailers

Heavy haul trailers are designed to transport cargo that exceeds the weight and size limits of regular trucking equipment. Common types of cargo that would fall under this class of specialized freight include construction machinery, mining equipment, industrial farming tools, and windmill components.

The type of cargo that you are looking to have transported will determine which type of trailer will work best for your specific needs. Some of the heavy haul trailers that you can choose from are:

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are one of the most popular types of trailers for hauling oversized equipment because they feature two drops in deck height: one after the gooseneck and the other before the wheels. This type of heavy haul trailer offers a weight capacity of 40,000 pounds but can be fitted with extra axles that can double the trailer’s hauling capacity.

Stretch Flatbed Trailers

Stretch flatbed trailers are the ideal option for transporting extra-long loads, such as large construction materials that must be shipped in one piece. All stretch flatbed trailers offer a weight capacity of 43,000 pounds.

Side Kit Trailers

Through the use of removeable stakes and covers made from plywood or fibreglass attached to the bed, side kit trailers in conjunction with tarps can create a protected shipping experience for a wide range of specialized freight. This type of heavy haul trailer can carry loads between 42,000-45,000 pounds.

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Reefer Trailers

Reefer trailers or refrigerated trailers are designed to look like the traditional dry van trailers with the added bonus of cooling units, making them the ideal solution for transporting perishable freight over long distances. Both types of refrigerated loads—chilled and frozen—require the necessary set temperature range in order to prevent the load from being compromised during transit.

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