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Understanding the New Canadian-EU Trade Deal

Understanding the new Canadian-EU Trade Agreement

At C&D Logistics, we recently launched our new International Shipping Department which allows us to guide our clients through a complete range of international freight services. Through global supply chain management, ocean freight, air freight and project cargo, we can help our clients grow their business internationally.

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Last month a new trade deal was created between Canada and the European Union that will help to launch more trade between the two sides. We believe that it is important for Canadian business owners to understand the new deal and how it will impact trade between these two regions. To attain a better understanding of the new Canadian-EU Trade Deal, we break down what it is and what it means for Canadians looking to ship internationally.

What is the new Canadian-EU trade deal?

The new trade deal between Canada and the European Union, otherwise referred to as CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) was approved by the EU parliament on Wednesday, February 15. This new trade deal will significantly reduce trade barriers between Canada and the EU. As a result, both sides should see a large increase in trade volume and job creation.

Before the Canadian-EU trade deal, trade between the two sides amounted to $63 billion annually. It is estimated that the new CETA will raise these numbers by 20%, another $13.2 billion each year. The elimination of almost all prior trade barriers between Canada and the European Union should also help to create new jobs for Canadians.

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How will this impact international freight and shipping for Canadians?

Not only will the Canadian-EU trade deal significantly increase trade between the two sides, it will make international shipping much simpler for Canadian business owners. By eliminating almost all trade tariffs between the two sides, more Canadian business owners will be able to compete in the European market. If you are interested in international freight shipments for your business, talk to our international shipping department first. We have the technical knowledge and freight forwarding expertise to make growing your business easy.

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If you would like to learn more about the new Canadian-EU trade deal, please contact our new International Shipping Department at 604-881-4440. Our International Shipping services include ocean freight, air freight, project cargo and complete global supply chain management. Stay up-to-date with the latest international shipping news by following us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.