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When to Use Air Freight: 3 Things to Consider

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There are many variables to consider when choosing an appropriate shipping method for your business. Selecting air freight over ocean freight can significantly impact the speed, reliability, and bottom line of your shipping logistics. Three of the top things to consider when choosing air freight are: speed, size, and potential environmental impact. At C&D Logistics we’ve broken down each variable so that you’re able to understand the necessary considerations for each.

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If timing is a key factor with your shipping needs you should strongly consider using air freight. There are far fewer delays with air freight as opposed to ocean freight and your product is more likely to reach its destination on time. Airlines are not immune to delays; however, an air freight delay of only a few hours is preferable to ocean freight delays which can often last days.

Which is better: air freight or ocean freight?


Air freight shipping is largely constrained by the lack of space on airlines; therefore, if you’re shipping a larger product, it would be beneficial to look in to ocean freight which has the advantage of large shipping containers. It is also important to remember that airlines determine your shipping costs based on both the weight and size of your product. Simply put, use air freight when shipping smaller products, and rely on ocean freight when a large shipping container is necessary. 

Environmental Impact

A businesses’ environmental footprint is becoming increasingly relevant; therefore, it is important to consider how one’s shipping logistics will impact the environment. Although CO2 emissions are significantly higher with air freight there are many environmental risks associated with ocean freight such as oil spills. If you’re operating an environmentally sustainable business that is known for its social responsibility then you should be leaning towards ocean freight. If environmental impact isn’t overly important to your business model then definitely consider air freight.

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Choosing between air freight and ocean freight is an important decision that is unique to each business and incorporates several variables. Before deciding on an appropriate shipping method review your overall business objectives and consider how shipping logistics can positively impact these. For questions about which method of shipping is best suited to your business please contact us through our website or give us a call at 604-881-4440. If you’d like a quote on your shipping needs please fill out our quote form here.




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