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What is a curtain side truck?

Curtain Side Freight Truck - C&D Logistics

When shipping freight there is a wide range of equipment that can be used to complete the job. Flat decks, dry vans and refrigerated trucks all have their advantages, however curtain side trucks can combine these advantages. With a curtain side truck you can get the protection of a dry van, with the convenience of a flat deck. Using the right shipping equipment is important when it comes to getting your freight to it destination safely and on time.

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How does a curtain side truck work?

A curtain side truck is essential a flat bed truck with square frames along the sides. This skeletal structure creates false walls and a roof where a tarp can be tightly secured around.

Protection of a Dry Van

Dry vans provide an enclosed container where freight goods are stored. Dry vans are best for items that can be spoiled by the elements (wind, rain, snow). With a curtain side truck, you also have this same protection as the tarp is tightly secured around the trailer of the truck. This protects the cargo from being damaged along the journey.

If you are shipping goods that require a specific temperature in order to not spoil, you should consider shipping with a heated or refrigerated truck.

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Convenience of a Flat Deck

Flat deck trucks are beneficial as they can be quickly loaded and unloaded, as there are no walls or enclosures to worry about. Forklifts and cranes can load flat decks, making it much quicker to get on your way. With a curtain side truck, this same convenience is available. The curtain can be pulled away and the frames adjusted to allow cargo to be loaded quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is ideal when shipping products that are large in dimension, but still require cover (such as hardwood products).

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Freight Shipping Ingenuity

Curtain side trucks are a great example of a more efficient way of freight shipping. It not only allows us to provide the safe protection you are looking for, but also provide quicker loading and unloading so your freight stays on schedule.

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