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What is Dry Van Shipping?

Dry Van Shipping Benefits

If you need to ship products, materials, or other goods, there are many freight shipping options to consider. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which solution is best for your shipment, time constraints, and budget. If you are looking for a reliable, safe, and cost-effective LTL or FTL option, dry van shipping may be the perfect solution for your needs. To help you determine if this option is right for you, the experts at C&D Logistics have provided some information to help you understand what dry van shipping is and the benefits this method offers.

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Defining Dry Van Shipping

Dry van freight shipping is one of the most widely utilized freight transportation methods in the world. A dry van is a type of semi-truck trailer that is fully enclosed to protect your shipment from the elements. A dry van trailer is designed to carry palletized, boxed, or loose freight, making them a highly versatile option that is suitable for many types of products, materials, and other items. It should be noted that dry van trailers do not have temperature-controlled features and cannot handle oversized shipments, making them ill-suited for sensitive or large shipments.

4 Reasons to Use Dry Van Shipping

Dry van shipping offers the following benefits:

1. Protection from the elements

A dry van provides an enclosed 4-sided barrier to protect against harsh rain, wind, or snow while in transit. This ensures that your delivery arrives safely to its destination regardless of the distance travelled or the season.

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2. Theft Protection

While flat deck trucks or curtain side trucks have many positive benefits and features, they leave your items exposed and easily accessible, increasing the risk of theft. With a dry van, your shipment is protected from theft in a locked container while travelling to the next destination, drastically reducing the risk of theft.

3. Cost Savings

Dry van freight shipping does not typically require any extra services or other special shipping operations, reducing the required costs. This is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most affordable shipping options available, even for long-distance shipments.

4. Versatility

Dry van shipping is one of—if not the most—versatile shipping methods available as it is suitable for transporting all types of packaged goods and other shipments that do not require temperature-controlled features. This includes everything from clothing and furniture to electronics and non-perishable food items.

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