Freight Shipping Equipment

In one word our equipment pool can be described as “limitless”. Since 1999 our focus has been developing partnerships with a diverse carrier pool. Whether you need to move skids, a machine, or an oversize crane, you’ll certainly benefit from our effort and experience in sourcing the best the industry has to offer. There’s no platform or service level we can’t accommodate, let our team match you up with the best.

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Flat Deck Trucks

Standard Flat Decks are the most common of the deck family and are generally used for bulk, heavy or large pieces of equipment. While your product is exposed to the elements, we offer tarping to prevent dirt and moisture from contacting the load. Please see PDF above for maximum legal dimensions.

Step Deck Trucks

Step Decks have the same application as a flat deck, but allow for taller loads to be transported with ease. With tarping available, this type of Flat Deck is generally used to transport tall machines, or loads that require additional height clearance. Please see PDF above for maximum legal dimensions.

Double Drop Trailers

Double Drop trailers allow for a clearance on otherwise oversized loads. This trailer is also available in a Removable Gooseneck (RGN) model, that allows machine to be easily driven up and onto the deck. The RGN is a specialty trailer used for more complex and high value moves, it can also be paired with pilot cars to accommodate any over dimensional moves. Please see PDF above for maximum legal dimensions.

Super-B / B-trains

B-trains or Super B trailers are a variation of the standard flat deck. Instead of a single trailer, B-Trains are equipped with two slightly smaller decks that combine to accommodate 60 linear feet of deck. Not only is the B-Train equipped with more deck space, it has an increased weight capacity of over 90,000 pounds within Canada.

Temperature Controlled Trucks

Temperature control trucks are widely available and are used to transport materials that require both additional heat or cool air. While more commonly used for food product, the application of this platform extends to the protection of products such as water based adhesives that can be ruined upon freezing.

Dry Vans

The Dry Van is the bread and butter of the transport industry. This trailer is used primarily for retails applications, but can be used to transport any boxed or skidded freight. Easily the most common and cost effective option, this platform allows the safe and dry transport of even the most delicate freight. Please container specs PDF for maximum legal dimensions.

  45' Van 48' High Cube Van 53' High Cube Van
Overall Length 45' 48' 53'
Inside Length 44.6' 47.4' 52.4'
Overall Height 13' 6" 13' 6" 13' 6"
Inside Height 102" 110" 110"
Door Opening 106" H 92" W 110" H 98.3" W 110" H 98.3" W
Overall Width 96" 102" 102"
Inside Width 92" at scuff 98.7" at scuff 98.7" at scuff
Dock Height 50" 50" 50"
Loading Capacity Up To 45,000 45,000 44,000

Intermodal or Rail

Intermodal or Rail transport would share the same benefits as Dry Van shipping but at a reduced cost. The trade off of the cost reduction is a slightly increased transit time. As a customer, using rail is just as simple as Dry Van moves; there are no additional requirements, just savings for you.

freight shipping equipment

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