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At C&D LogisticsĀ®, we are proud to put our expert team's diverse knowledge base to work for you. We offer the best in Canadian freight shipping, cross border shipping and international shipping. To receive the best freight shipping experience in the business, contact us today.

Vancouver Corporate Office

Address:2567 192 St #101,
Surrey, BC V3Z 3X1
Hours:5am - 5pm PST, except on federal holidays
Toll Free:1-855-334-4440

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Proudly offering our 30-30 service standard

If your move is complex, requires special handling, or if you simply want to ask a question for peace of mind, please reach out to us. Regardless of the depth of your experience, our team will be able to clarify any questions that may arise. If you're hesitant to use an online form for fear of a slow response, let us impress you with our turn around time. At C&D LogisticsĀ®, we are proud to offer our 30-30 service standard. If you fill out a detailed quote form on our website, we'll get back to you with a quote within 30 minutes. We'll even draw up the paperwork and process your packages within 30 minutes once you're ready to ship.